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This Year’s Theme: My Business Must Grow!
Is for those who are unwilling to settle for less….

The G.R.O.W. Conference 2024 was created for creators, freelancers, African entrepreneurs, coaches, founders, authors, small business owners, marketing professionals and anyone who seeks to drive business growth in the marketplace and is willing to leave their comfort zone and take bold steps towards making that happen.

This is for that person who feel like;

Well, This is What You Feel…

But I am saying that YOUR BUSINESS MUST GROW IN 2024.

If you agree with me, and you are ready to unlock a new level of growth in their businesses THEN secure your spot for the G.R.O.W. Conference 2024 HAPPENING LIVE IN LAGOS NIGERIA.

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June 15 – 9am WAT
Limited Slots Available


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8 + 1 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss The G.R.O.W. Conference 2024 No Matter What You’re Doing On June 15th, 2024!


Inspiring Keynote:

Get motivated with Kennedy Ekezie's keynote on why your business needs to grow. He'll share real stories and practical tips to help you tackle common challenges and take your business to the next level.


Fearless Marketing:

You will learn fearless marketing strategies that actually work. Say goodbye to traditional methods and hello to innovative approaches that will set your business apart in 2024.


Marketing, Sales, Growth:

Patience Ayeni and Treasure Iyoha will spill the beans on how to master marketing, sales, and grow your business sustainably. Get practical advice you can implement right away to see results.


Financial Mastery:

Queen Joy Ebere will break down how to handle your business money like a pro. No confusing jargon, just straightforward advice to help you manage your finances better and make your business thrive.


Diversified Revenue Streams

Lucky Elohor will share her secrets for boosting your business revenue with digital products. Discover new ways to make money and safeguard your business against uncertainty.


Brand Monetization: How To Earn As A Creator:

Hear successful creators share their tips on turning passion into profit. Learn practical strategies and real-life stories on monetizing your brand and expertise directly from those who've mastered it.


Power of Presence:

Salem King will show you how to make a lasting impression in the business world. You will learn how to stand out from the crowd and make your mark with simple, actionable techniques.


Pushing Boundaries:

Join DSP Jessica Sampson and Bukola Yahweh for a lively discussion on why you need to push your business boundaries. Find out how stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to exciting opportunities and growth.


Lucky Elohor’s special address will remind you that your business can only grow as much as you do. Get inspired to invest in yourself and watch your business thrive as a result.
Limited Slots Available

Meet The G.R.O.W. Conference 2024 Keynote Speaker

Kennedy Ekezie

Founder and CEO of Kippa

Meet The G.R.O.W. Conference 2024 Speakers

Queen Joy Ebere

11th Miss Tourism Nigeria and CEO; Heldi Products

Salem King

Creator, Teacher, and Social Media Influencer

Dr. Sam Harvard

Wealth Coach and Founder of Zibarr

Lucky Elohor O.

Convener of the G.R.O.W. Conference.

Limited Slots Available

Meet The G.R.O.W. Conference 2024 Panelists

DSP Jessica Sampson

Family Educator, Intimacy Coach and Founder of the Intimacy Masters

Bukola Yaweh

Founder of Beatypearl Brands

Treasure Earnest Iyoha

Marketing Consultant and Founder of Sales Ville Africa

Patience Ayeni

Product Professional (Marketing and Management)

Eniola Taiwo

Personal Brand Creative Assistant


Cofounder and Head of Growth at Nestuge

Limited Slots Available


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Meet The G.R.O.W. Conference 2024 Moderators/Hosts


Event Host, Architect, Founder; Youth Growve Africa


Social Media Lead; Selar


Event Host


Social Media & Brand Strategist


Content Writer and Data Analyst

guess who

Limited Slots Available


Lucky Elohor O

Lucky Elohor O., also known as Digital Creator Chic (DCC), is a multi-faceted professional specializing in Brand Clarity, Monetization, Product and Growth Marketing, Sales Funnel strategies, and Entrepreneurship.

She’s committed her career to assisting individuals and businesses in finding their unique voices, refining their skills, monetizing their expertise, and achieving notable success across various industries.

The inception of the G.R.O.W. Conference was sparked by Lucky Elohor’s commitment to community upliftment, rooted in her personal journey as a budding African entrepreneur. Despite initial reservations about entrepreneurship, she courageously pivoted from biochemistry to marketing, eventually forging a thriving career in growth and product marketing.

Initially hesitant to venture into business due to a desire for the perceived security of a job,

Her path, marked by resilience and resourcefulness, has seen her empower over 3500 businesses, collaborate with 150+ brands across seven countries, and pen two insightful books (“Don’t Launch An Online Course Yet” and “My Brand Clarity Handbook”).

Currently, as a growth marketing manager at a leading Canadian immigration consulting company, she continues to leverage her expertise to foster growth and innovation.

Lucky Elohor’s transformation from uncertainty to entrepreneurial success serves as an inspiration, fueling her mission to provide a platform for aspiring African entrepreneurs through the G.R.O.W. Conference.

Her vision is to cultivate a supportive ecosystem where aspiring entrepreneurs can connect with seasoned leaders and professionals, gaining invaluable insights, skills, and resources to propel their ventures towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

The G.R.O.W. Conference Experience

What Past Attendees Have To Say About the G.R.O.W. Conference!

When you take advantage of and register for the G.R.O.W. Conference 2024, you can do so with complete confidence. If you attend the event and you’re not absolutely blown away, simply contact us the same day for a refund and an apology for wasting your time. Lucky Elohor is taking all the risk because she knows this event can allow you to unlock a new dimension in your business.

Limited Slots Available

TOTAL VALUE – N1,043,450 N27,500 | $29

Limited Slots Available

TOTAL VALUE – N1,310,950 N47,500 | $42

Limited Slots Available

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